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Dear Biz Diary & Friends,

It has been a while since I have really written on a consistent basis. So many things are happening around here and life is quite exciting! I just returned from a visit with a wonderful woman named Jessica. Jessica is an Expressive Arts Therapist and her work is amazing! I was unfamiliar with the concept of Expressive Arts Therapy, but Jessica explained and she definitely has passion and love for her work. The funny thing is, as we were speaking and sharing ideas and experiences, I realized I also use expressive arts in my everyday life and have even used it to teach, counsel, and while working with youth. Cool! You can visit Jessica's website to learn more about her and her work. Anyhoo, we really connected, and I left our meeting inspired!
I really enjoy my work creating journals, and I enjoy sharing my passion with others. Next to my love of paper, my love of writing has always been my motivation through lovely times and not so lovely times. I find writing to be a clarity for the mind and spirit and even the body! I have loved writing ever since I was a child.
While going through one of the hardest times and moments in my life, my journals were my best friends. I wrote and wrote and wrote in them and shared the deepest expression of my heart, soul, and mind. Through my writing, I was finally able to share what I was going through with someone close to me.
While working with incarcerated young adults (in a previous life) we had writing sessions, and through writing and journaling, they were able to connect with themselves in their current situation and realize that they did have control of their lives, ideas, goals, and dreams. They were able to capture happy moments, when they felt that all happiness had forsaken them, and that hope was a stranger long gone.
I write all of this to explain the passion behind my creativity. I remind myself daily of why I create. I believe each moment is precious and swift and will never be repeated. What we do with these precious moments determine our joy in life, happiness, and fulfillment. I feel that many people are just so busy doing one thing or the other, that they forget the "meaning of life." They forget the feeling of hugs, they forget the smell of a rose, they forget the sound of crickets, they forget the feel of rain falling on their face, they forget the sound of quietness, they forget the joy of laughter that sends tears streaming down their face. They forget the hope that one stranger's smile may bring to one's day...
All of these are important parts of our day. These are the moments that need to be captured and preserved through pictures, illustration, and writing-all a part of journaling. During a challenging day, it feels good to look back on what you have written and recall the sweet experiences of past memories. It becomes helpful when you can share an experience, and your memories give someone an extra boost of encouragement to surmount their own obstacles.
My customers often write to me sharing the unique ways they use Journal Junky journals. The journals are used as caring gifts for the sick, customized memories for families, thank you gifts for clients, communication between parents and their children, the release of pent-up mental energy, explosively creative ideas, or just jotting down the day's "to-do list;" knowing that someone is using Journal Junky journals to enhance their lives or the lives of others-this is why I love to create journals. And this I keep in remembrance on a daily basis...Thank you for reading...

"I provide a creative and eco-friendly way for individuals and families to capture, preserve, and share their special moments and create a lifetime of memories. "

-Nicole Annette

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