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Dear Journal (and friends),

There are some things in life we see happen to other people and we think to ourselves, "self I would DIE! if that happened to me!" Well something just like that happened to me today!
I remember a hilarious (to me not to her) incident in college when this student (who was really dressed nicely and knew she was dressed nicely) was quickly (late to class) strutting in her new four-inch-heeled dress boots and stepped into a crack in the pavement. The four-inch heel of her right boot snapped off with a loud cracking POP! The four-inch heel flew off in one direction, and she hobbled quickly over to retrieve the renegade heel.

Now at this point, I am holding my throat so that I would not laugh and embarrass the student any further. This was super SUPER! difficult to do. At this point, I am also asking myself, "self, what would you do in this situation? Would you keep one boot on and take the other one off? Would you hobble on one foot and keep both boots on? Would you take both boots off and enter class late without any shoes!?

The late student now gallops to her class up and down, up and down like a horse on steroids and never looks back once...I let the laughter riiiiiipppp!!!!!

So, (clearing throat here) today I am about to be late to my first class of the day. I am dressed nicely in a denim skirt and crisp white ruffled shirt. I am wearing my classic most favorite flip flops (thonged sandals and had them for the last 10+ years) and driving to school. My sandal/flip flop gets caught on the gas pedal (dangerous shoes!!!!!!) and I have to yank my foot ferociously in order to get it uncaught (is that a word?) I arrive at school after waiting in a long procession of new-to-college students looking for a place to park, and I grab my bag, race out of my car, and commenced to run through campus to my classroom.

There is just one problem, my right foot slams through the front of my shoe (my right shoe) and my toes are introduced to the hot asphalt. YIPES!!! I look down and to my dismay, MY THONG WAS BROKEN!!!!! Right between the toes! There were students on the campus lawn and they saw the absolute whole thing! I could tell they were busting their gut trying not to laugh at the crazy professor (I even had my ID on!) who was galloping at high speed back to her car to grab her spare shoes! (At this point I am cracking up as I write this!!!!)

[On a side note, I always keep things in my car "just-in-case-I-need-them-you- never-know!" My parents and husband think I am a crazy bag lady, but hey it never fails. They need a Band Aid? Got it...Extra socks? Check...A towel? In the trunk...Extra pair of shoes? Backseat. I have everything I need for an emergency, and the stuff always comes in handy!] So this habit of mine is what saved the day. I can't imagine what I would have done if I had not had those shoes. Would I have gone to teach in bare feet? Would I have called the coordinator to fill in for me? Would I have just not shown up for class? I do not know...I do not know.
So needless to say, I was late to class, and I walked in laughing and said to my students, "Hi everyone I'm sorry I am late, my flip flops broke!" The class howled and we began our day.

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  1. hahahahaha That happened to me in at a restaurant! I had slid my feet out of my flip flops and forgotten i had a bored service dog in training under the table with me. Welll when I went to put said she back on...lets just say it didn't fit to well. i could see the pity in peoples eyes for the "poor lame girl and her service dog" as we shuffled back out to the car. EMBARRASSING!


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