Inspiring Places to Write! YOUR BEDROOM!!!!!

Hi all! I'm starting a new Friday series called "Inspiring Places to Write!"
Today's Inspiring Place is YOUR BEDROOM! Many of us write at the beginning and at the end of the day, what better place to converge with your thoughts with pen on paper.
Journal idea: In the morning, write about your dreams especially if they are disturbing (get them off of your mind before you begin your day). Write about your plans for the day, your to-do list, connections you want to make, daily devotions...

At night, write about you successes of the day, your failures (get them off of your mind before you go to sleep), the day's eye-opening experiences, self-help moments, the next day's plans and to-do list, interesting people you met in the day, great quotes to live by...
If you don't write in your bed, you may want to try it. I promise, your thoughts will be clearer!

From Shabby Chic you cannot get any
cozier than this journaling spot!

Great lighting and a good desk is a
perfect spot! (From Good Housekeeping)

Oh! This perfect little writing spot
just makes me soooo warm inside.
Wouldn't you love to be in the chair
over by the window sipping
lemon tea and reflecting on the day...?

A more modern writing space. How about the
love-seat over by the window?
(From Good Housekeeping)

Ahhhhhhh I love pink soooo much!!! This is my
favorite writing space, the natural light, the desk,
the colors, the comfy bed...what else can I say?
(From Channel 4)

What do you think? If you have inspiring places where you would love to write, email me picts and I'll share them on the blog!

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