So it has been a while...

Dear Business Diary,

Wow! So much has happened since my last posting. With unpacking, the closing of the semester, grading papers, talking to students, getting ready for VBS, and processing orders, I don't have a life!!! LOL I am enjoying myself.

I have been working on the launch of my new website and struggling with pricing! While taking my business class, I realized that I have lost mad money with my prices being so low! Especially with wholesale prices. I have learned so much from my class and for that I am happy.

I am totally ready and committed to taking Journal Junky to the next level. Not really sure what that means, but I am on for the ride.

My business was featured in two publications over the last month. This came as a total surprise to me! The feature was on Mother's Day gifts and my products were selected. Now that was exciting!

Here are the links to both publications:

Asheville Citizen Times

Western North Carolina Parent Magazine

We'll talk soon!

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