Flash Update-I Love Sherbert!


So I have not blogged for a while! So much has been going on!!!

First!!!!!! Journal Junky has gone international! You can soon find our products on shelves in Australia at Pepi Pure!!!!! I'll ship them off soon!

Second, there is only one contestant and only one winner of the March Giveaway!!!!!!! Congrats to Megan!!!!

Third, the business class is going well. Learning a lot. I even learned that I was cheating myself by selling wholesale at too low of a price!!!!! YIKES!!!! I really lost a lot of money. I guess I needed this class. Unfortunately, I learned that I will also have to raise my prices a tad to keep up with my suppliers' costs.

Fourth, this is BIG! I have identified a new chain of stores that I will be approaching next week! This can be an exclusive deal for Journal Junky! I am soooo excited.

Fifth, my husband and I moved yesterday to our new urban apartment! It has a greeeeaaaat sunroom that will be mine!!!!! I'll share a picture next week.

Sixth, there is a new giveaway coming soon to You Tube. I'll update when it is available.

I will keep the updates coming. Enjoy!!

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