Dear Business Diary: On a More Upbeat Note!

Dear Business Diary,

Okay! Welcome to a new week. I have been reading a very excellent read called Ladies Who Launch. This book is totally empowering. Ladies Who Launch is an organization which "provides women with connections, opportunities and tools to propel their business and life."

I have had many goals and dreams about Journal Junky, but I always wanted to be "prepared" to achieve them. Since August 2008, I've made significant progress. Now, I am motivated to make more!

Quote from Ladies Who Launch: "When you 'JUST START' and follow your intuition, things take off and often materialize in very different ways than you may have imagined. This is what keeps it fresh."

This week I have made some goals:

1. Get out of my comfort zone and do at least one thing that I fear (Like talking on the phone and making new contacts)

2. Organize my entire business, from receipts to invoices and all in between

3. Connect with friends for accountability (personal friends and blog at least twice a week)

4. Be spontaneous

5. Most importantly make at least 5 new products!!!!!

6. Enroll in a business seminar/incubator for professional assistance

I can do it!!!!!!!

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