The Horridible Blogger!

Okay Okay Okay!!!!! I am such a horridible blogger. Horridible is my word that means something between horrid and horrible!!!!! Oh, I do wish I had someone who could keep my blog updated on a daily-no, I'll even be okay with weekly-basis!

Soooooo much has happen since the New Year. Oh, I guess I should begin by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!! I really hope you enjoyed your holidays. I did. I spent time in Cleveland, Ohio with my family. It was great.

So much has happened:

1. Business started booming January 1st! That was a huge surprise because customers usually don't begin buying non-essential (not needed) items so soon after Christmas. Well, I returned home from Cleveland and had wholesale orders (WRITE ON purchased again! Three orders in three months!) and regular orders to ship out.

2. School has started for me. I teach at the local college here in Asheville and my students are very unique this year! LOL I love teaching.

3. I have begun working on new products that will debut in February! Here's a little hint-recipe books and photo albums! I think these new products will be very exciting.

4. I am working on a new catcher for Journal Junky. "Why Not Write in Something Cute?!" or should I say "Write in Something Cute!" I'm still trying to decide. Oh and yes! I have created a new domain for my journal passion...drumroooollllll.... Isn't that a great domain?! It's so easy to remember and catchy I think.

Enjoy your day!

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