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Good morning! Today is such the glorious day. How's the weather your way? We've had rain off and on throughout the last couple of weeks and today is no different. I love rainy wet dreary weather. It's sleeping weather! It's writing weather, it's reading weather, it's creating weather, it's cuddling weather! That's when color shows its brightest hue! The fall trees stand out. The green grass is bright...Okay, well that's what I see anyhoo.

I love the fall. Everything nature is at its highest level of beauty. The sweet smell of the
earth-tone hues of the leaves reflect their mother...earth in a grand fashion! And this lovely season gets my creative juices flowing. There is nothing I'd rather do than to sit in my favorite corner, drinking hot lemon tea, breathing in the harvest spiced aromatic flavor of my Airwick Plug-In scent, and write in one of my favorite journals.

I absolutely loooove writing. I love journals, pens, making lists, and all things paper. I opened this site to share my passion with you and to invite you to share the same. This is a site for all Journal Junkies to convene!!!! Won't you join me?

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