My Journal Selling Adventures Part II

Ok! So here I am again. Thanks so much for your patience! It's been a really rough week. My husband was sick and I was sick and just a crazy weekend! Well it's Monday. The beginning of a brand new week. Last week is in the past. A fresh start. How was your weekend?

Well, I wanted to update you on my journal selling adventures. So I followed Chris' (and my husband's) advice. I called the local hospital gift shop (and left a message), I called the local general store and got a very positive response, (but she wasn't buying anything else until the New Year).

And then I called a local popular bookstore (I'll tell you the name later if I get the sell). The manager was very nice and checked out my wares online while I was on the phone. (I'm really glad, I have a nice website). She loved the journals and wanted to meet with me. We are meeting on this upcoming Wednesday at 5:00!!!! Keep your fingers crossed.

I'll let you know what happens. Tell me about you. Have you had any experiences selling your product to stores? Please share!

Thanks for reading and goodnight...

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